We are REP.

We are REP.

Who are REP.?

We are REP., a digital marketing agency focussed on getting more repeat customers for eCommerce businesses. We do this using email and SMS automation, campaigns, loyalty programs, and on-site CRO. 

We believe creating memorable customer experiences and delivering personalised touch points are key to encouraging repeat purchase, and building customer loyalty. 

Our experienced team crafts strategies that work for your brand. Our clients don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions to their customers, and neither do we. We take into account brand story, USPs, AOV, customer groups, and other key factors when crafting strategies. 

What Services Does REP. offer?

At REP., our goal is to increase customer retention — because loyal customers are the key to a successful eCommerce business. Here’s a look into the services we offer: 

Data Capture
Turn browsers into subscribers through a series of strategic data capture points. Collect email and SMS consent, as well as profiling information that can later be used to personalise the content your subscriber receives — and how often they receive it. Capturing subscriber info is a key step in beginning the buyer journey. 

Email Automation 
Give your customers personalised, well-timed messages at each point in their journey with automated email flows. Without the relevant email automations in place, you’re leaving money on the table. With the right strategy, email automations guide new customers toward their first purchase, and keep existing customers coming back for repeat purchases. With Klaviyo, we’re able to personalise the content customers see, based on their on-site browsing and purchasing behaviour, as well as through interests they’ve expressed through data capture and email-click profiling. 

We specialise in email automations including (but not limited to):

  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Abandoned Checkout Series
  • Welcome Series
  • Post-Purchase Series
  • Browse Abandonment Series
  • Lapsed Customer Series
  • Price Drop Series
  • Wishlist Series

Our team will deliver each project from start to finish — from strategy through to build. If you only require strategy, we are happy to craft it, and set up the flow structure in your ESP. 

SMS Automation 
With ESPs such as Klaviyo who also offer SMS, we can intertwine email and SMS within the same automation. This makes the customer’s experience at their stage of the funnel seamless — no incorrectly timed messages in sight. We also offer SMS strategies to merchants who use separate ESPs and SMS service providers and ensure messages are delivered to the right customers at the right time. 

Email Campaigns
Along with email automation, the team at REP. also specialises in email campaigns for eCommerce merchants. We will work with your team to design a campaign schedule that suits your business, and create segments that work for your customer groups. 

SMS Campaigns
Having permission to text your customers is a privilege — and our team understands that. We use SMS marketing sparingly so your customers stay subscribed. This means that when we do send SMS campaigns, they make the desired impact. 

Loyalty Programs
If your goal is to get more repeat customers, having a loyalty program is a no-brainer. Loyalty programs help to keep customers coming back to make repeat purchases, as they’re incentivised to do so. We craft loyalty programs that elevate your customer experience. From strategy, copy, design, to implementation, we can create loyalty programs from scratch, or rebrand existing ones. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
It is likely that more than 90% of your website visitors leave anonymously, without taking a desired action. Whether it is filling a form or making a purchase or some other action there are ways to increase these numbers without guessing. REP focuses on nurturing website visitors to become customers — conversion rate optimisation and AB testing is the on-site, scientific process that progressively improves conversion rates.  At REP we will optimise your conversion rates across all stages of the funnel. From encouraging customers to sign up to your marketing list, making a first purchase, to turning their Abandoned Cart into a completed order. 

Meet the Team

REP. is based in Teneriffe, Brisbane, with a talented team of marketers on board who know the eCommerce space well. 

Founder and Managing Director of REP., Simon Byrne, has over a decade of experience in the industry. Simon has been focussed on Klaviyo for the last 7 years and has repeatedly seen the positive long-term impact of improving returning customer rates - hence the basis for starting REP. Simon’s time is spent working closely with merchants on overall strategy and helping the team turn these strategies into revenue for our clients.  

Martin Beeson, with 25 years in senior marketing positions and leadership teams as well as working at Shopify and Conversion Kings, brings with him invaluable strategic acumen, platform knowledge and a true passion for making websites perform better. As REP.’s Conversion Strategist, Martin focuses on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and A/B testing to create incremental improvements for our clients, as well as consulting on a range of general strategic business improvement areas.

Jeremy Parsonson is REP.’s Senior Graphic Designer, bringing the team’s visions to life through stunning designs. Jeremy leads the client design portfolio at REP., delivering optimised designs for email automations, campaigns, data capture forms and more. 

Email Marketing Specialist, Maddy Neideck, was next to join the REP. team. Maddy is responsible for executing email campaign and automation builds, as well as building data capture forms, pop-ups, plus integrating new platforms with our client’s tech stack. 

As Head of Content and Marketing, Natasha Hanley is responsible for the strategy and execution of REP.’s social media, branded content, and marketing activities. With four years’ experience at a Klaviyo Master Elite ranked agency, Natasha brings her deep knowledge of the eCommerce industry and key partners to REP. 

Get in Touch

If you’re an eCommerce business looking to get more repeat customers, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 1300 831 520 or drop us an email at hello@wearerep.com.

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